The Editorial Board is also known as Advisory Board, they are responsible to recruit the highly qualified researchers, professors, Doctors, Associate professors and assistant professors as Journal’s editorial board member in the relevant fields. The editors will improve the Journals prestige and consistency by contributing to the journal and by handling peer review process to maintain the journal standards. The editor should choose the right reviewer to enhance the quality of the manuscript. All the manuscripts received by journal will undergo peer review process, editor considers the review comments, but final decision will be taken by editor based on quality and novelty of the article.

The manuscripts received to the journal are first evaluated by editor to determine the submitted manuscript is appropriate for the journal or not. If the submitted manuscript has scientifically plagiarized or flawed content the manuscript will be rejected, when the rejected manuscript will be returned to author, the editor should provide reasons to reject the manuscript. Any peer reviewers suggested by author need to be considered by editor. Guide reviewers by providing reviewer guidelines and review form is the editor’s responsibility. For the final decision of editor, the editorial office will send the review comments. The disposition of manuscript is based on review comments and editors own assessment of the manuscript. In rare cases authors are allowed to contact editor if the amendments are unclear. The editor’s responsibility is to maintain time punctuality and should not disclose reviewer details.

Major revisions along with review comments and if any Editor comments are send to author, by providing 10 days’ timeline.

Minor revisions along with review comments and if any Editor comments are send to author, by providing 7 days’ timeline.

If the Editor accepts the manuscripts that are accepted to publish without changes are accepted. The editor should be active and participate to submit Editorial thrice in a year to support the journal issues. The editor should provide new ideas or suggestions to improve the journal standards.

Coining of special issue topics (titles) and other journal related activities should be assisted by editor. The editor can encourage publication of advanced technologies, new discoveries and peer reviewed research. Encouraging submission of quality manuscripts to the journal is the responsibility of the editor by personal recommendations, by recruiting authors and assisting them with outreach. Journal’s editorial office will support the editors in any manner required and will provide EB certificate.

SunKrist Publishing offers number of benefits to Editorial Board Members. If you join our editorial board you will get the following advantages.

  • Editors can get waiver on publication fee up to 25%.
  • SunKrist Publishing provides a certificate to editors that recognizes you as an editor at SunKrist Publishing is awarded to you.